INTRODUCTION:This work deals with issues related to the partnership between the public sector, SUS and SUAS, making a theoretical and empirical work on. 13; student movements, 26, 31, 37, 45, 69, 79, 97, solidarity, popular, Sposati, Aldaiza, , State Public Housing Commission (CDHU),i04 UNE. São Paulo SP Brasil. [email protected] Abstract. After 30 years in force, CF must be salvaged and commemorated but also evaluated in .

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The seriousness of this entire observation on tax expenditures requires advancing further in relation to the implications of this deconstructed budget.

In the s, options for neoliberal guidance were initiated through the decisions and actions of the Brazilian State rather than through the distributive and redistributive guidelines of CF Services on Demand Journal. The caption of Art. One must remember that a magistrate is also given the IRPF discount for the same dependent. Today, it is clear that this was an improbable cycle, almost a daydream, because it was heading in the opposite direction to the capitalist competition under the dominance of finance, belittling the obstacles of the past and daring to scratch the social status quo secularly dominated by the owners of Brazil 2.

Social protection that is naturalized and removed of its civilizatory, and human right value is transformed into a commodity whose aggregate and strategic value is directed towards interests that compromise its protective purpose and that broaden social inequalities.

As Fagnani says, a process of financial asphyxiation was orchestrated, which in successive acts spurred the extinction of the sources for funding the social area ensured by the Constitution 2. These determinations not only conflict with those of the dictatorial period preceding it but were also shown to be minimally attractive to neoliberal forces in Brazil in the late s and early s and are now widely recognized as conservative.

Social security funds are presented and move like investment capital and private economic interests e.

Rather, its existence did not infiltrate society, which was unable to decode its meaning. Social security; Social protection; Isonomy of benefits; Tax exemption; Human rights. Furthering the relationship between tax spending on social security does not represent a digression but rather the effects of little known and debated arguments that affect its financial support. No avenues of mutual accessibility were installed through the operation of the three policies and even for the most simplified, which could have allowed for integrated operation when applied to common areas of care.


Cebas-Health certification establishes a link via two modes: Guaranteeing this with the public budget would generate a budget deficit, which would create a populist, tutelary, and welfare pattern to be eliminated. Municipalities became federative entities via CF and its initiatives; however, in the field of social assistance, they achieved no dialogue with the federal sphere.

The apparent acidity of this annotation does not invalidate or fail to recognize efforts designed to pass through inherited limits to the field of social rights. This case-by-case assessment did not examine the quality of services delivered to users, and their low income and the guidance of public policies were not involved in this decision. Social security between universal management and unequal distribution There has been an undermining of social security resources.

Inthe FLBA was replaced with the Solidary Community programme maintained by first lady Ruth Cardoso, thus weakening its constitutional status as a public policy of social assistance and causing it to reembark to the realm of charity from first-ladyism.

The right to social protection transmuted into charity funded by public money excludes — through its management process — democratic principles of transparency, planning, evaluation, and social control. However, this federative and solidary relationship was not consolidated.

Displacement of social security and social disprotection in Brazil

Social protection has been reduced to individual savings activated by the Christian principle of earning your living from the sweat of your own brow. Over the last 30 years, this idea has shifted from this founding matrix due to forces of conservatism, individualism, and privatization.

Adding to this fate is the disparity of standards applied to benefits of different standards on which social security operates. By contrast, understanding of the relationship between social disprotection and social security for the sposato of social certainty with a humanist foundation for guaranteeing human and social rights has been endorsed.

The management of the BPC is carried out by agencies of aodaiza National Social Security Institute Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social — INSS under a welfare culture of access that measures the appropriateness of requirements and not social needs or disprotections presented. Such ways of managing, at times, prevalent federal entities distanced it from the role of exercising responsibility for the social care of a given demand in the search for patterns of results based on ethics of human dignity and citizenship.

Here lies the focal point of this analysis, which is projected as a barefoot and headless triumvirate. When conservatively treated, social financing is averse to collective state social policies.


This imprecision finds support in social organizations that in assuming through agreement the management of a social assistance service do not relinquish the particular splsati of their mission. Finally, the third hypothesis suggests that the intensity of conservative forces based on individualism in its minimal state has disqualified social protection as a universal right.

Aldaiza Sposati

The conduct for those who have more — and that approach class identity in power — is diverse. This synthetic salvaging spurred a brief rereading of what could be aldaiaa to as a troubled implementation of Brazilian social security with little sposwti within the institutional cultures of public agents of each social policy.

Is the recording of data for benefits only for those who have no income? It is no use to rely on three feet without an axis to provide articulation and functionality. Introduction The 1 seminal analysis of Esping-Andersen on social welfare regimes considers decommodification to form a part of the nature of State public social policy.

March 12, ; Accepted: Apart from specific and local experiences, the convergence of efforts did not occur. This absence has been aggravated by the complexities of Brazilian society, in which new risks, aggravations and forms of violence and discrimination blur the supposed borders between areas of sopsati that constitute the social security system and aldxiza its future viability in the absence of strategies and mechanisms adaiza articulate the interfaces and externalities of the services of these policies in the presence of the objective life conditions of citizens in the territories in which they live, who are singularized by the diversity of regions of the country.

The political-institutional movement of FLBA agencies fought for the implementation of the Ministry of Social Action for the acceptance of its positions and for sustaining employment.

It is not uncommon for these to be extended to their children, whose age of dependence is 24 years, which stands in contrast with the poorest, for whom the age of dependence is 14 years.

The ethics of human treatment are reduced for the benefit of private wealth. These are the so-called Refis that reduce liabilities of the social security budget.

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