Achille Marozzo’s Opera Nova () was the most highly renowned text of the cut-and-thrust school of “Bolognese swordsmanship”. Achille Marozzo’s Opera Nova (). One of the first to focus on use of the thrust over the cut, considered by many an “early rapier” manual despite his use of a. The Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo aims to study Historical European Martial Arts of the Italian Middle Ages and Renaissance, especially the ancient science of.

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Achille Marozzo

And know that such oath is made alone, for he is sure, as they know to hold the sword in hand, go demonstrate to others and listen then to your scholars on what you have shown and taught to them. And you hearing then some of your students, yea, he makes you never amend those that do it, when he played with some. Or, msrozzo to the leg with a mandritto; or a roverso, or thrust, or tramazzone. In this manner your sword will go in the coda lunga e distesa and your dagger in the guardia di testa.

During this advance you will strike his marizzo with a rising falso. Do not go into the porta di ferro alta.

You will then settle in the same guard as at first. Still, I want you to know that you can hit him in the head with the rim of your brochierro. Pages marozzp broken file links.

In this manner you will be in the coda longa e alta and you will remain attentive because if your enemy attacks marozzzo head or leg I want you to counter him well. And if he in fear of the thrust uncovers his left side then you will throw your sword to his right mafozzo shove your buckler against his sword hand in one time moving your right foot opposite the left side of the enemy and shove another ponta to his right temple or go to his flank with the left foot following the right to the rear.

For your defense you will slice with a roverso putting your right leg behind and thrusting at his face.

Achille Marozzo | Renaissance Fence

The Way to Employ Arms While in the coda lunga e stretta if your enemy throws a mandritto to the head, in this mandritto you will throw your left foot to his right side in the manner that you put the same time for your true edge of your dagger to his mandritto and at the same time for your defense you will throw your left hand inside his arm as aforementioned.


The first need for going true-edge to true-edge is that you go into a porta di ferro alta or stretta, in coda lunga e stretta and in some other posture that you know.

Your sword will go into the porta di ferro stretta.

Then you will escape with your right leg msrozzo behind the left with a traverse. In the manner that your enemy will have cause to throw a high fendente, thrust or dritto tondo. We notice you are using a browser version that we do not support.

Achille Marozzo – Wikipedia

The practical principles of playing and honor I give to you for your comfort so you do not make such a mystery of this art: Raise your right hand a little so that your sword point goes to the face and he ,arozzo fear of the thrust will push your right arm to his weak side. Parry his attack with your dagger and hurl the right foot behind the left.

Please know that being in said true-edge or wanting to be in false-edge, you will be able to do more prese of the sword and many feigns, and turns of the wrist, and feigns of roverso, and striking of the true edge, and feigns of the true edge and striking of roverso: Address Address is required.

During this you will pass your left foot opposite his right side and placing your brochiero against his sword arm. Then I want you to begin to examine them in all guards. This translation was prepared with the practitioner of historical fencing in mind. Your sword will fall into the coda lunga e stretta. Then when you throw a tramazzon at someone, I would exhort you to not throw just one, but always two or three.

Now throw a mandritto above the arm and pull the right foot close by the left. Still I say to you, that when you will want to begin, you will say it to them in this way: Remaining in the coda lunga e alta, here you will engage the cape with the left hand not too tightly and you will approach your enemy. Anyway, for now I will say no more. At the same time, you would thrust at him in montante fashion.


Therefore do not forget. Here you will stop with the eye fixed on the two hands of your enemy.

Arti marziali e Scherma storica Italiana dal 1997

Now watch that you are in this guard that I said in part four. And in this feint of a roverso you will lower the sword with the point towards the earth in the fashion of a molinello and you will lower yours and engage his in the manner that you raise his hand. Here your right foot will be ordered with the knee to the point of your left foot and your arms and legs will be extended and well formed and in this mod e you will return back to play.

It exemplifies theory, sequences and techniques about combat with different weapons, such as:. Now being counter to the right hand, to the leg, or to the head or a stoccata, in such time that he attacks, you will hurl the right foot opposite the left part of your enemy and throw a rising falso traversato at the arm or the hand with a roverso turning under in the fashion of a molinello and your left leg follows the right to the rear.

Some may be ashamed in learning some of the greater principles publicly, and in truth it is natural to fear of learning publicly. Thank you for your interest in helping us moderate questionable content on Lulu.

Tu sai che nella seconda parte tu sei rimaso in porta di ferro stretta: Then throw a rising falso followed by right for back for the hand you will make a half turn o f the fist on both hands and you will be in the coda lunga e alta with the sword and porta di ferro alta with the dagger.

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