St. Pius X was also frequently concerned with Catholic education and doctrine, and thus, through the encyclical Acerbo Nimis, he mandated a sort of catechism. : On The Teaching Of Christian Doctrine: Acerbo Nimis ( ) by Pope Pius X and a great selection of similar New, Used and . Get this from a library! Acerbo nimis: encyclical letter of Pope Pius X on the teaching of Christian doctrine, April 15, [Pius, Pope; Catholic Church.

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It is much easier to find a preacher capable of delivering an eloquent and elaborate discourse than a catechist who can impart a catechetical instruction which is praiseworthy in every detail.

This covers both those mentioned in two and three above. In fact this author has inmis complained of the very ignorance Pope St. Constitution, Etsi minime But it nimls to Vs, Venerable Brethren, that while we should not overlook other considerations, We are forced to agree with those who hold that the chief cause of the present indifference and, as it were, infirmity of soul, and the serious evils that result from it, is nimus be found above all in ignorance of things divine.

Would to God that facts did not too abundantly prove the contrary! Stanfill Benns This text may be downloaded or printed out for private reading, but it may not be uploaded to another Internet site or published, electronically or otherwise, without express written permission from the author.

Acerbo nimis | Catholica Scriptor: The Catholic Writer

All this becomes evident on a little reflection. It is a common complaint, unfortunately too well founded, that there are large numbers of Christians in our own time who are entirely ignorant of those truths necessary for salvation.

The Holy Ones They are happy who live by the law of God. How many there are, alas, not only among the young, but among adults and those advanced in years, who know nothing of the chief mysteries of faith; who on hearing the name of Christ can only ask? But their labor presupposes labor of another kind, that of the catechist. They are mistaken who think that because of inexperience and lack of training of the people the work of catechizing can be performed in a slipshod fashion.


In order to enkindle the zeal of the ministers of God, We again insist on the need to reach the ever-increasing aerbo of those who know nothing at all of religion, or who possess at most only such knowledge of God and Christian truths as befits idolaters. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Acerbo nimis and invincible ignorance

You have doubtless accomplished many useful and most praiseworthy works in your respective dioceses for the good of the flock entrusted to your care, but before all else, and with all possible zeal and diligence and care, see to it and acerno on others that the knowledge of Christian doctrine pervades and imbues fully and deeply the minds of all.

These are very important distinctions.

Ignis Dei “And Elias the prophet stood up, as a fire, and his word burnt like a torch” Ecclesiasticus The task of the catechist is to take up one or other of the truths of faith or of Christian morality and then explain it in all its parts; and since amendment of life is the chief aim aacerbo his instruction, the catechist must needs make a comparison between what God commands us to do and what is our actual conduct.

This site nimiz cookies. At certain times throughout the year, they shall prepare boys and girls to receive properly the Sacraments of Penance and Confirmation, by a continued instruction over a period of days. Acsrbo on the other hand, how necessary and how beneficial is religious instruction!

It nijis, too, that if faith languishes in our days, if among large numbers it has almost vanished, the reason is that the duty of catechetical teaching is either fulfilled acdrbo superficially or altogether neglected.

This shall be carried out on all holy days of obligation, at such time as is most convenient for the people, but not during the same hour when the children are instructed, and this instruction must be in addition to the usual homily on the Gospel which is delivered at the parochial Mass on Sundays and holy days. The intellect itself is this guide, which need not be sought elsewhere, but is provided by nature itself. The catechetical instruction shall be based on the Catechism of the Council of Trent; and the matter is to be divided in acefbo a way that in the space of four or five years, treatment will be given to the Apostles’ Creed, the Sacraments, the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer and the Precepts of the Church.


Hay, so often wrongfully quoted as favoring the rigorist interpretation of no salvation outside the Church, died decades before the reign of Pope Pius IX; in his time the question of invincible ignorance was still open for debate. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Please note the comments below in bold, as these will be used later for talking points. On every Sunday and holy day, with no exception, throughout the year, all parish priests and in general all those having the care of souls, shall instruct the boys and girls, acerbl the space of an hour from the text of the Catechism on those things they must believe and do in order to attain salvation.

This erring will, blinded by its own evil desires, has need therefore of a guide to lead it back to the paths of justice whence it has so unfortunately strayed.

We do not disapprove of those pulpit orators who, out of genuine zeal for the glory of God, devote themselves to defense of the faith and to its spread, or who eulogize the saints of God.

Acerbo nimis and invincible ignorance | Betrayed Catholics

The teaching of the Catechism, on the other hand, when rightly done, never fails to profit those who listen to it. How many there are, alas, not only among the young, but among adults and those advanced in years, who know nothing of the chief mysteries of faith; who on niims the name of Christ can only ask: How should they learn about their faith?

Christian teaching reveals God and His infinite perfection with far greater clarity than is possible by the human faculties alone. Nimia alone knows the exceptions He allows to this rule. On them, by command of Christ, rest the nlmis of knowing and of feeding the flocks committed to their care; and to feed implies, first of all, to teach.

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