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In France she’s been described as a female Jack Kerouac, in Australia as one of the most original and engaging authors of her generation and in the US as one of the few truly original voices to emerge in a long time.

The Bride Stripped Bare – Anonymous, Nikki Gemmell – Compra Livros ou ebook na

It is the story of her secret self. This novel has been hailed as the sexual liberation of suburbian house wife. All of it is riveting. Gemmelll think that almost every woman will be able to find something that resonates with them in edspida intensely personal story.

With the use of this, the bride embarks on a double life, discovering what her desires really are and how she must go about satisfying them. At a coffee shop, away from home and the life that you know, you meet a younger man, a virgin, Gabriel. On honeymoon, in the heat and shadows of sultry Marrakech, a conventional young wife makes a shocking discovery.

I believe that the writer wanted to write it as if it was a niiki of your life but at the same time she writes it oniva if it was a handbook, even going so far as naming her chapters as “lessons”. Literary writing of high caliber – Raw. I absolutely hated and possibly despised this book- so much so that I will have to re-read it to reassess my harsh judgement of it in the hopes that I was just being a young, inexperienced and intolerant sod at the time.


It could easily have been a perfectly acceptable story about a woman whose husband is the bad guy, and she has an affair with another bloke who is ggemmell she’s dreamed of and they run off together and everyone lives happily ever after.

I really doubt the author’s mother would be that literary as to exclude that fact for suspense of the reader in a letter to a publishing house. An emptiness when every night you lie in the double bed, restlessly awake, astounded at how closely hate can nudge against love, can wind around it sinuously like a cat.

A woman finds her voice and leaves behind a book of lessons. Although the book is pitched as a no-holds-barred intimate journal of a woman coming into an awareness of her sexuality, not much is fully laid bare here.

Nikki Gemmell

It seems weird, reading the post script, that the son was never mentioned at the start of the book, too. Your two lives aren’t meant to join together, they are two separate women, two separate lives, he has no right to do this, you retreat and go back home to Dwspida, the life that is familiar and you know what is expected of you at all times.

In the nikku of this time we hear about the heroine and Cole’s rather bleak sex life. Or, I should say it had an odd cover.

A Noiva Despida by Nikki Gemmell on Apple Books

Open Preview See a Problem? I think the point of view really keeps you from getting close to the character you most want to know. For fans of Fifty Shades of Grey – the international bestseller — an explosive novel of sex, secrecy and escape. Call me crazy, but maybe talking to her husband about her problems would have worked out better?

I thought maybe there would be a lesson and then a more narrative chapter, but the ridiculous number of lessons got boring. And who gives this laptop to her mother? I loved that everyone was a villain and that everyone was a hero. Group sex with cab drivers, an infatuation with a very unlikeable Spanish man and a planned pregnancy with the husband that she finally decides she does love after all, make it a yo-yo story that tries to get the readers sympathy, but fails to do so in every way.


But I get tired of the “bride’s” whining about how bad the sex is. This book wasn’t an easy read, but looking back to when I read Nikki’s With My Body, I recall that that one wasn’t an easy read for me either.

This wil This was the first book with any type of erotica theme that I’d ever read. Group sex, a planned pregnancy with her husband who she has decided she finally does really love and so on. Jul 20, Peppermintyrose rated it did not like it. I read this as a teenager, and again last year as a 21 year old, and it meant different things to me at different times. It is not about the act; but instead, the thoughts behind it.

To all who knew her, she was the good wife: This is where I think it would make good c I found this book kind of confusing. You have come across a manuscript by an Elizabethan in which she writes witty and confidential secret desires of women of that era, you decide that you too should do something of the kind.

Are we supposed to believe that she took her young, innocent son with her?

Sep 11, Kyle Wendy Skultety gimmethatbook. Danielle Tindle rated it really liked it Dec 19, I was emotionally affected when the main character was, at least until I started hating her, hahaha. Clothes to be drawn off slowly in exquisite anticipation.

The book is laid out in a complicated mix of lessons, diary content and story telling.

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